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Age Of Youth

Why this drama has to be so short :'(

I really enjoyed it and it's definitely one of my fave "slice of life" types of dramas. The girls did a good job, I'm going to miss them

I will right some of my favorite lines in this drama

"Lies may be similar to makeup. Just like one puts on makeup to hide their naked face, people use lies to hide the truth."

"But everyone has their own circumstances to deal with. And until you know the circumstances they’re in you can’t tell people how to live their lives."

“What if I’m too awkward? What if someone notices that I’m awkward?”  I’m sure that are many people who struggle with such thoughts. However, it’s important that you keep your head high at times like these and that you walk into this new part of your life with confidence!

"Say what you need to say. And don’t hesitate!"

"A new year. A new semester. A new beginning. Every-time I have to face new situations, I have a nightmare. To me, new things make me anxious rather than excited"

"I thought that people only got lost when they tried to go somewhere, and I thought that people’s lives only got hard because they set objectives. But staying in the same place for too long makes you lose your way too, it seems."

“I want to cry out loud. I want someone to hear me crying. I want them to hear me cry, and tell me everything will be okay. I want someone to pat me on the back, and tell me that it’s not my fault.”

"Children don’t cry when they know it’s no use doing so. Children only cry when there’s someone to ask if you’re okay and hold you."

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